Fashion and Handbags – What should you know?

Fashion isn’t always about what clothes you wear. It is also about what accessories you choose. Handbags are second only to sunglasses as the most fashionable accessories for women. It will surprise you to learn that your bag type and how you carry it can tell the world a lot.

Different bags for different purposes

No longer are you limited to one handbag that can be used for every occasion. It is recommended to have at least 4 to 5 handbags if you want to stay on top of the fashion trends. You should make sure you have at least one handbag that is classic and costly. An elegant Italian leather bag is a good choice. You can find affordable, colorful bags at your local malls and markets.

You should reserve your classic handbag for special occasions and meetings so you can take care of it. You can also make a fashion statement by wearing clothes in the same or different shades as your handbag. Fashionable women have a handbag that is both stylish and practical.

A woman’s handbag can be a treasure trove. You should make sure that your handbag is large enough to hold everything you need, such as your wallet, phone, earphones, stationery, makeup, tissues, and other small items. You can also carry it around with ease. Your handbag’s design is not the only thing that attracts people.

Which type of person are you?

You are wrong if you think that carrying your bag and running to work doesn’t affect your personality. Kathlyn Hendricks (Ph.D.), a well-known author, discusses how a person’s handbag can reveal a lot about her personality. Here’s a quick overview of the study.

If you can carry your bag across your shoulder and hold it tightly, you’re serious about your freedom.

If you can carry your bag on one shoulder and allow it to move freely on your side, you are very practical and functional.

If you carry your handbag around your body and the bag is hanging in front, you’re defensive and shy.

If you carry your handbag cross-body with the bag hanging from the back, you show independence and freedom.

If you have your handbag at your elbow, you are showing off your status to others.

If you carry your handbag like a briefcase in your hands, you’re a career-oriented woman.


Is it not surprising that your handbag can tell a lot about you? Now is the time to seriously consider these powerful accessories and make sure you are able to show off your fashion sense wherever they go.

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